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In a Nutshell: Jan Pijnacker's Headliner script incorporates a series of interesting text effects and animated transitions in the creation of an attention-grabbing and functional rotating headline. The headline can be set up simply as a design element, or as a navigational tool, and can be easily customised. Try it out below:


Use it Yourself: Utilising new style sheet technology to define the properties of the text that appears within the menu, this code must be placed within the <head> section of your HTML code. Copy and paste the code from below.

Next, the following Javascript component must be placed within the <body> section of your HTML code. Notes scattered throughout the text will assist you in customising the code to your needs. Remember that the onload and unonload commands must be cut and pasted into your actual <body> tag.

This Script Created By: Jan Pijnacker

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