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Millennium Countdown

In a Nutshell: Let your visitors know exactly how much time remains until the dawn of the new Millennium with this accurate Javascript countdown clock. Whether it is to warn your audience of the impending Y2K bug, or used as a countdown to what is expected to be the biggest global party on record, this script makes a worthwhile addition to any site. (Note also the fact that the countdown is reflected in your browser's status bar, below.)


Use it Yourself: Quite a simple script to implement, the Millennium Countdown is comprised of two sections. The first, which is the actual script that drives the clock, follows. This should be pasted within the <head> section of your HTML code.

The second portion contains instructions for initialising and displaying the counter. Place the onload command within your actual <body> tag, and the form (which can be removed from the table if desired) where desired.

This Script Created By: Tomer & Yehuda Shiran

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