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Checkbox - This Javascript game will have your clicking your mouse into its death throes. The object of the game is simple; you have 20 seconds to place ticks in as many boxes as possible. After 20 seconds, your tick-placing ability is halted and your score recorded. There are 100 boxes in total, which settles the pinnacle of clicking on 5 clicks/second. Can you meet the challenge?

Dice Roller - Gamers and gamblers alike are free to experiment to their hearts content with this randomized dice rolling Javascript. Use its wide functionality to add elements of interactivity and unpredictability to any site, or to generate cheat-proof character sheets for roleplaying games and the like.

Hangman - Treat your visitors to a break from the mundane with this rapid-fire Javascript version of Hangman. Customise its content, time limit and difficulty settings as you like.

Classic Pong - Re-live your childhood obsession by playing a version of the first computer game ever released, online. Pong changed the public's perception of computers permanently, as Javascript and other interactive languages are doing for the Web.

Tic-Tac-Toe - A universal language, and the game that saved the world in WarGames, tic-tac-toe has been played the world over on trees, in bus-stops, on the back of math textbooks. Now, you can play the game online, challenging the computer in 4 difficulty settings for hours of paper-free fun.


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