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The following sites represent a collection of the best Javascript, free stuff and webmaster-related guides available online at present. Make sure you bookmark Free-Javascripts.com before embarking on your quest, or you may not find your way back! :-(

AdvertisingWatch.com - Read and discuss the latest online advertising and web publishing news.

ALL-4-FREE fonts - A fresh new archive of freeware fonts and dingbats. Currently contains more than 500 unique font downloads, for both Mac and PC users.

All-4-Free Freebie Tree - This is a HUGE directory of free stuff that can be found online. Features literally 1000s of quality freebies, including clipart, web tools, fonts, freeware and more. Updated daily!

Dream Freebies - Quite simply the world's BIGGEST free stuff directory. Lists 5000+ quality freebie links, with a huge section for webmasters.

Freebie Crawler - Find freebies faster with the Web's biggest free stuff search engine.

iFree - International Free Stuff! - Forget those 'US only' freebie offers. iFree brings you 100s of quality freebies that are available internationally!

N3XUS Java Games - This exciting online gaming arcade displays Java (different from Javascript) in its full glory.

NET-ADS - The ultimate resource guide for webmasters of all experience levels. Takes you from design and development through to website promotion, maintenance and sponsorship. An essential bookmark!


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