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Pop-Up Window

In a Nutshell: By placing this Javascript on a page, all visitors who have Javascript enabled will be presented with a pop-up mini browser window. This can be used to redirect users to a new site, to welcome visitors, to provide a separate control panel (say, for monitoring streaming media files), or for handling advertising. One cautionary note, though: As surfers who frequent sites hosted on 'free' servers can tell you, pop-up windows can become irritating if used excessively or simply for their novelty factor.


You should notice that a new window has been created. If not, check that your browser is Javascript-enabled and that it hasn't blocked the popup.


Use it Yourself: To implement this on your site, simple cut-n-paste the following code between the <head> tags in your HTML code. The onload command must be added to your <body> tag in order to initiate the script.

This Script Created By: Unknown

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