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Scrolling Text Box

In a Nutshell: Add a simple yet effective scrolling text box to your website to draw attention to news headlines, updates, a stock ticker or similar. It's easy to customise the text that appears in this scroller, as well as the speed of motion, and this element is currently cross-browser compatible.
Setting up is as simple as adding one small inclusion to your <body> tag, plus placing the Javascript snippet in the location on your document where you would like the scrolling text to appear. Then, just change the text that presently says where it says ADD INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR IMPORTANT UPDATES HERE.
To change the speed of motion, edit the "300" figure; changing to a lower number will speed up the scroll and a higher number will slow it down.
The string of hyphens (---) at the top of the script act as a spacer between the end and beginning of the message.



Use it Yourself: Cut and paste the following code into the <body> section of your HTML, wherever you wish for the scrolling text to appear. Note that you must also include the onload command within your <body> tag to activate the action.

This Script Created By: Bells N Whistles

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