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Text Following Mouse

In a Nutshell: If you're on this page, you can already see what this free Javascript enables. A small snippet of text is following your mouse cursor as it moves around the page. Use this for its novelty factor (perhaps even as an April Fool's Day prank on your website), or to draw attention to a really important notification.


This particular Javascript snippet is provided by JavaScript Best Codes. Check them out.


Use it Yourself: First, you must use CSS to define the properties of the text that will float around the page. This code must be placed within your linked CSS file, or between some <style> tags within the <head> section of your HTML code. Copy and paste the code from below.

Next, the following Javascript component must be placed within the <body> section of your HTML code. Notes scattered throughout the text will assist you in customising the code to your needs. Remember to change the var msg element to include whatever text string it is that you would like to have follow the user's mouse cursor around the screen.

This Script Created By: Javascript Best Codes / Kerixa Inc

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