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Zoom Text Transition

In a Nutshell: If you'd like to create a Hollywood-style dramatic text transition to lead people into a different part of your website, or simply to create a schnazzy hidden effect, this script will help you to do so. It can be used as in the demo below to simply create a sequence of zoomed text upon a click action, or can alternatively trigger a link to be actioned after the animation is finished. You'll see where to add the link within the source code for the effect. Timing and colours can all be edited within the header source code.


Try it out: Click on this link to launch the zoomed text



Use it Yourself: Cut and paste the following code into the <head> section of your HTML. Note that you must also include the onclick command within your <body> area to activate the action (see below), plus include the div with the id of "divZoom" in the location where you'd like the zoomed text to appear.

Next, the following component must be placed within the <body> section of your HTML code. Notes scattered throughout the text will assist you in customising the code to your needs.

This Script Created By: Styler

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