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Checkbox:- This Javascript game will have your clicking your mouse into its death throes. The object of the game is simple; you have 20 seconds to place ticks in as many boxes as possible. After 20 seconds, your tick-placing ability is halted and your score recorded. There are 100 boxes in total, which settles the pinnacle of clicking on 5 clicks/second. Can you meet the challenge?

Tic-Tac-Toe:- A universal language, and the game that saved the world in WarGames, tic-tac-toe has been played the world over on trees, in bus-stops, on the back of math textbooks. Now, you can play the game online, challenging the computer in 4 difficulty settings for hours of paper-free fun.


Simple Form + Thanks:- This script produces a simple form whose contents are emailed to a specified address when the 'Submit' button is depressed. While sending, a pop-up alert notifies the user that the form is being sent. Upon completion, the user is directed to a 'Thank You' page.

Status-Bar Shootout:- Build your visitors' suspense by delivering a poignant message in their browser's status bar...one letter at a time!


Pop-Up Window:- By placing this Javascript on a page, all visitors who have Javascript enabled will be presented with a pop-up mini browser window. This can be used to redirect users to a new site, to welcome visitors, to provide a separate control panel (say, for monitoring streaming media files), or for handling advertising.


Link Pointer:- Add movement and clarification to your navigational system with this simple Javascript onmouseover pointer. When implemented, a small arrow will appear beside each link as the mouse pointer passes within clicking range. This is a great way to jazz up a text-based navigation list, without slowing the download speed of the page.

Millenium Countdown:- Let your visitors know exactly how much time remains until the dawn of the new Millenium with this accurate Javascript countdown clock. Whether it is to warn your audience of the impending Y2K bug, or used as a countdown to what is expected to be the biggest global party on record, this script makes a worthwhile addition to any site.


Drop-Down Menu:- Provide your visitors with a clean and easy way to navigate your site, and abolish needlessly long link lists with this handy Javascript drop-down menu (as used on our homepage).

Hangman:- Treat your visitors to a break from the mundane with this rapid-fire Javascript version of Hangman. Customise its content, time limit and difficulty settings as you like.


Headliner:- Jan Pijnacker's Headliner script incorporates a series of interesting text effects and animated transitions in the creation of an attention-grabbing and functional rotating headline. The headline can be set up simply as a design element, or as a navigational tool, and can be easily customised.


Last Updated:- Presents your visitors with an automatically-generated update notice. Each time the page on which this script appears is modified, the Javascript-generated update notice will change to reflect this.


Classic Pong:- Integrate a Javascript replica of the first computer game ever released into your site's design and prepare to be adored by your users.


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